Drawing Series: The Nookabet (2011-2020)

“Instead, they find a quiet spot in the corridor to sit and sketch, depicting fragmented, illusory worlds of fire and fury with a cheap pen and pilfered paper. Ash is not as good as Leah at making art, but the release of creating dark imagery helps keep them calm.”

second deal

Collage Series: The Second Deal (2013-2019)

“They will remember how this started near the cliffs but ended with a three point turn in the desert.

Underground, the Vipdile Key starts turning and Deragon Hex stirs from anaesthetised slumber.

This is what those people deserve.”


Biro, Pencil and Fineliner Drawings (2015-2017)

“Ah little Lallice to rhyme with malice, you will always fight dying and die fighting, but I pray some spark of you lives forever, or for as long as forever is real.”

Deragon Hex: Kinder Uprising
elementals hexas

Hexas and Elementals (2011-2016)

““I asked her, ‘Ocean life and stars? Seasonal variations of Day Time? What’s next? Are you going to plant me a tree, Leah?’ And she smiled and told me that centuries of skies streamed through our arteries and we do not belong here.””

misc collages

Miscellaneous Mixed Media (2006-2016)

“They have no time to ponder the suspicious convenience of this turn of events. Their only concern is avenging Leah before it is too late. They still do not know the Poisoner’s identity, but Leah was often writing and drawing her troubles as a form of catharsis, so there must be a clue somewhere in the apartment.”

collage canvas

Collage Series: Kindergore (2005-2014)

“Our work had always been incredibly autobiographical, so it made sense that we enjoyed the process of fitting disparate visual elements together to make one whole composition. It was all about making order out of chaos [...] toys, make-up, and various random objects that found their way into our life and called out to be immortalised in our latest twisted dreamscape.”

nailed digital

Digital Series: Nailed Remixed (2011-2014)

“Ruining her gorgeous manicure by clawing her way up through the soil, our delirious starlet soon managed a tragic, glittering resurrection.”

nailed photo

Photography Series: Nailed (2010-2013)

“We were aiming to take the potentially hollow imagery of fashion photography and twist it into something with layers of psychological meaning [...] Our photographs were intended to evoke a certain state of mind that was difficult to verbally define, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers and having no obvious interpretation.”


Biro and Pencil Drawings (2002-2012)

“We developed a meticulously obsessive way of drawing and painting, building up shade and colour gradually and paying painstaking attention to detail. The miniscule, repetitive dashes of our new technique delivered us to a calm, almost meditative state. So long as we completely focussed our attention on creating something flawless, our raging emotions could be relatively contained. Each picture was a tiny part of the world that we had control over...”

crown chakra

Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour paintings (2004-2010)

“Our chosen subjects were Art, English and Psychology, because we were obsessed with painting, writing and madness.”