Mindscape: Toxic Nursery

Toxic Nursery was originally a one-off, surreal story to creatively explain the meaning behind our unusual artwork. Our motivations for making art were too complicated to summarise in an "Artist's Statement", so we wrote a book instead. We enjoyed writing this so much, we decided to become an author as well as a visual artist, and this is how the Constructed Sanity series began. It is not necessary to read our first book before reading our sci-fi novels, but it could provide added insight.


“The way that Martece describes each scene is nothing short of stunning[...] It’s brutally honest and brutally open. It’s also incredibly funny.”

Matt Grayson, Steampunk Journal

“Martece is adept and creating fragmented yet layered, and compellingly unhinged, images, and her first book reveals a similar aesthetic[...] It is the equivalent of being led around a house of horrors by a vampire in a child’s body.”

Steve Nash, Soundsphere Magazine

“The writing was captivating, flawless, and poetic; and the events flowed logically. The first hundred pages were exceptionally crafted glimpses into fragmented personality, and the dark humour had me in fits of deranged laughter.”

Alex James, Alex James Novels

“It's like an Oscar Wilde tragicomedy on steroids.”

Jess Callie, DeviantArt

Available on Amazon from £3.14