The Carlie Nooka Martece collective is a gender-fluid, autistic, dissociative system working as a visual artist, fetish model and independently published writer. Their books explore social issues and mental illness using rapid-paced storytelling and brutally dark comedy. They live simultaneously in a hilarious dreamworld and Yorkshire.

Their eclectic artwork is a form of self-therapy for the trials of navigating this world as a chronically ill and disabled human. Although most days they are convinced they are an alien.

Whatever they are, they have memorised an impressive amount of pi.

Latest book

Chroma: Calanooka

Calanooka cover

Latest Video

Chroma: Calanooka, Prologue (55)

Glamorous, melodramatic Leandra and shy, autistic Cal both crave rescue. Can space captain Kalakai make them Chroman soldiers before they die or become insane?

Our latest video is a recitation of our third book's prologue, written, performed, directed and edited by selected members of the collective.

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Latest Artwork

Pumpkin Pi

carlie martece art

Latest Shoot

180514 Promo

carlie martece model

Latest Merch

New Greetings Card designs added to eBay

carlie martece greetings card

Open edition prints of selected artworks, attached to cards made from 280gsm recycled paper.

New designs and other products coming soon.