modelling pic

2018 - modelling

180514: Promo shoot by Deeperspective featuring Sunday Shadows original collage and copies of Toxic Nursery and Deragon Hex: The Vipdile Key.

180212: Promo shoot by Under Your Skin Photography featuring original collages from Kindergore and The Second Deal series.

modelling pic

2017 - modelling

171203: Promo shoot by Head Full of Photos featuring the Elemental oil paintings, the Ghost Zero bag, and copies of Toxic Nursery and Deragon Hex: The Vipdile Key.

170608: Pics by Ray Snell.

170304: MS Charity shoot at JFYP studio with pics by Andy Harris, Head Full of Photos, Peter McLean, Ray Snell and Richie Sykes.

vipdile promo

2015/6 - The Vipdile Key

Deragon Hex: The Vipdile Key inspired photoshoots by Derrick Foster. Featuring original art from both Kindergore and The Second Deal collage series.

"If it looks like a rescue boat, it's probably a pirate ship."

toxic nursery promo

2013 - Toxic Nursery

Toxic Nursery promo photoshoot by Under Your Skin Photography.

“With a dissociative condition, each alter is a fragment of the whole unit, but doesn’t initially realise this. This lack of awareness can give it the unfortunate tendency to walk around thinking that it’s an entire personality in its own right. Like a deluded member of a manufactured pop group.”